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Event Information
Presenter(s): Samegoal
Category: Student
Target Audience : IEP Anywhere administrators
Start Date: 12/5/2019
End Date: 12/5/2019
Registration Deadline: 12/5/2019 12:00:00 PM
Time of Offering: 1:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM
Location: Connect East - Valley View, OH
Attendees: (4 / 30) Seats Filled (Click here to view attendees that have signed up for this event.)
Class Name: IEP Anywhere Advanced Administrator Training + Q&A
Class Description:

Most of this session will be spent engaging with the administrative side of IEP Anywhere. This will include basic administrator tasks like resetting
passwords, adding users, and "undeleting" documents. We will also cover more advanced functions like EMIS, running reports, building user groups,
and adding district banked/default values. Finally, we will leave some time for Q&A to allow administrators an opportunity to get answers to any
remaining questions.

Basic admin functionality review
D2D transfers and "undeleting" documents
Data validation and report updates
User Groups and Reports
Admin Q/A


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