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Event Information
Presenter(s): Sandra Griscom
Category: Fiscal
Target Audience : Redesign Treasurer's Office Staff
Start Date: 11/9/2021
End Date: 11/9/2021
Registration Deadline: 11/9/2021 8:00:00 AM
Time of Offering: 9:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 AM
Location: via Zoom
Attendees: (23 / 250) Seats Filled (Click here to view attendees that have signed up for this event.)
Class Name: Redesign Session on Activity Ledger Query & Report Writing
Class Description:

This Redesign training session consists of two main topics:
the Activity Ledger Query and Report Writing. Our guest
presenter, Ms. Sandra Griscom is a consultant on State
Software Redesign and Treasurer Office Support in Ohio.

Sandra will share information about the Activity Ledger
Query and how it can be utilized as a useful search tool for
your district. She will also spend a major portion of this
session providing tips, hints, and information on the Report
Writer in Redesign.


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